Space Pyrates is a webcomic by myself and Matthew Hoddy about two kids who can’t afford to pay rent, that steal a space ship and become pirates in space. Completed over two years and self published through a Pozible campaign, Space Pyrates is my debut title.

Home Sick is a monthly comic published on the blog Hopscotch Friday. It’s about growing up in the suburbs of Queensland and memories from my childhood.

Peach Plum Pear is a new title I am currently working on about a magical girl and a werewolf. The first ten pages are linked here.

‘Yer a Witch Milly’ is a short comic featured in the 2013 Ashcan compilation and is the story of how Milly learned about her magical powers.

The Spirit and the Spider is a short comic based on the popular Australian comic ‘Killeroo’. This is the origin story of the main character ‘Rufus’ growing up in the outback.

FjordJord is a short animated comic made as part of the Space Pyrates kick starter campaign.